12 Beach Date Ideas for a Fun and Romantic Getaway

A couple on a date by the beach
There are different beach date ideas any couple can enjoy. Whether you’re adventurous, laidback, or spontaneous, you’re sure to have a great time.

Planning a date that’s extra special? Bringing your love to the beach is a sure way to make your time together memorable and exciting. Whether it’s for your anniversary, birthday, or just one of those random dates, the beach is a magical place that will surely make you fall for each other all over again.

Prepare your romantic getaway with these 12 beach date ideas you can choose from according to your mood and preference. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and enchanting waters to charm your partner and enjoy quality time together.

You can be laidback, adventurous, or spontaneous. The beach will offer you everything you need.

Romantic Beach Date Ideas

For lovebirds looking for personal time together, here are some romantic beach date ideas you can do.

Long walk

With a long stretch of the shoreline, the blue sky, and the pristine ocean, there’s nothing more romantic than walking and holding hands with your partner while taking in such a marvelous sight. Spot the sea animals, dolphins, or cute seashells as you stroll on the sand. Such a calm and relaxing walk would also give you a chance for long intimate talks, strengthening your connection as a couple.

Beach Sunset Date Ideas

An oldie but goodie, beach sunset date ideas will never fail to paint romance wherever you are with your special someone. After a good walk, you can sit on the sand together while watching the changing colors of the sky as the sun makes its graceful exit down the horizon. Refrain from pulling out your phone to capture the scene, just relish this unique moment with the love of your life, keeping this sunset beach date in your memory.

Candle-lit Dinner Date at the Beach

With the sea’s unlimited charms, a candle-lit dinner will be one of the most romantic date ideas at the beach. You can find a restaurant by the sea or prepare your own meal if you’re up to it. With a cool breeze, the sparkle of the stars, and good food, your dinner date will be a fine night to remember. A bonus would be dancing to soulful music with your love in your arms under the moonlight.

A couple on a romantic date at the beach
A dinner with your special someone is one of the most romantic date ideas at the beach.

Cute Beach Date Ideas

If you and your partner prefer a more fun time, here are some cute beach date ideas you can enjoy on the sand together.

Building Sandcastles

Unlock the inner child in you and reign free with your imagination as you make sandcastles together. You just need a shovel, bucket, and wild ideas for a unique sand creation. Work together or compete with each other. There could also be a sandcastle-making workshop at your beach spot and you can enhance your skills together.

Explore the Shops and Pier Activities

Beach resorts often have various shops in the vicinity that are interesting to explore. Try out some cafes, souvenir shops, exhibits, or art activities. A pier nearby would also offer countless date ideas at the beach. Enjoy rides, games, photo booths, and many more. You’ll never run out of things to do.

Beach Picnic Date Ideas

If you want something fun and chill at the same time, make a picnic lunch at the beach. Prepare some sandwiches, a blanket, and an umbrella or a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Just remember to bring non-messy, easy-to-pack meals and avoid food items that can attract bugs. Beach picnic date ideas will be simple and relaxing ways to bond with your special someone.

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Active Beach Date Ideas

For those couples who are up for more adventure at the beach, here are some ideas that would fuel up your energy.

Swimming and Snorkeling

The beach is the perfect place for couples who are outdoor enthusiasts. With a beautiful sea right in front of you, taking a dip is the sure way to go. Swim together, play with the water, and soak in the salty goodness of the sea. Plus, discover the wildlife underneath through snorkeling or scuba diving.

Beach Sports

If you’re thinking of beach date ideas that are more physical, it’s time to do some sports. You can play soccer, volleyball, ping pong, frisbee, or any sport you’re fond of. The competition will add some spice to your beach experience and you can agree on something silly as a prize for the winner. But don’t be too hard on each other. Remember the point is to enjoy! If other couples or friends are with you, playing sports with teams would surely add to the fun.

Kayaking or Pedal Boating

Either one will be a fun ride on the sea and ideal for a beach first date. Kayaking will need more arm strength and water navigation while pedal boating is easier but will work out your legs. Both are so much fun to do with your partner. Working together to move through the sea will be an interesting way to test your teamwork and communication skills.

A couple kayaking in the sea
Kayaking and boat pedaling are some fun date ideas at the beach for adventurous couples.

Beach Date Night Ideas

You might be coming to the beach at night or want to do something else after spending the day together. Here are some beach date night ideas for you and your partner.


An entertaining way to relax and cuddle up is to watch a movie together. Grab some popcorn, beach chairs, and a blanket if you need. You can set up a projector screen or just bring your laptop and settle in for a movie night with the calm beach as your backdrop. Some beach resorts would also offer movie nights so all you have to do is find your spot on the sand and enjoy the show.


The beach is often a stellar venue for concerts. Try this out if you’re both into music and want to unwind by the sea. Whether you’re into jazz, acoustic, or rock, there’s a beach concert just for you. The sand and the night sky will give a cool atmosphere for jamming with your date.

Beach Camping

One of the beach night date ideas that are both relaxing and exciting is camping by the sea. You can make a bonfire and heat up some s’mores but be sure to check local ordinances ahead regarding this to ensure your safety. You can strike up the guitar and sing some songs to make it extra romantic or simply lie down on the sand, relax, and gaze at the stars together.

Spending time with your loved one at the beach will make for some of your most romantic moments together. Try out these beach date ideas or take them as inspiration for your own creativity. Your partner will surely appreciate the love and effort you put into it.

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