Top 5 Reasons Why Dating Bangkok Women is Worth It

One of the beautiful Thai women in a traditional Thai dress. Find out 5 reasons why dating Bangkok is worth it.

Bangkok - a metropolitan famous for its majestic temples and splendid skylines. A city known for having a tropical paradise and smiling people. But what makes Bangkok City an ideal sojourn aside from its grand tourist attractions? Could it be the women?

Bangkok women possess traits and qualities that make them stand out from other women. Their combination of beauty and substance is definitely an attribute that men would love for their future life partner to have. To further emphasize this point, here are 5 distinct characteristics that put women in Bangkok in a league of their own.

    1. Attractive Physical Features

    One cannot deny that Bangkok women are inevitably beautiful. This is evident with the number of Thai women who have received recognition in major beauty pageants and competitions.

    Despite their petite bodies, these women are just naturally stunning. They are the perfect embodiment of the old saying: good things come in small packages.

    2. Fun to be with

    Give yourselves a bit of time in going out with Bangkok women, I bet you’ll say they are funny and very accomodating. They love to have fun! They laugh a lot, sing a lot and they make sure that there isn’t a single dull moment when you’re together.

    Thai people are generally happy and positive. This is perhaps the reason why women in Bangkok always wear a smile in their face amidst their personal predicaments.

    3. Professionals

    Aside from being independent, women from Bangkok are also competent, skilled, and highly educated; in other words - professionals. Most Thai women are self-sufficient and highly cultivated professionals because they value education very much. In fact, Thailand is among the top countries in the world with the most female leaders, both in public and private sector, per capita.

    This only goes to show that despite the gender normative tendencies of Thai culture and traditions, Thai women have never let gender-defined limitation hinder their potential. They are empowered and strong-willed women who have and continue to make indelible impact in and around the world.

    4. Loyal

    In Thailand culture, fidelity and faithfulness are virtues that have always been given importance and value. Considering Bangkok’s rapid and aggressive modernization, thankfully, liberal principles - which often breeds a less than desirable dating culture - have not yet pervaded Thai societies. Thai women have stayed true to traditional values which made them virtuous and principled ladies.

    5. Family Oriented

    The strong family values inscribed in every Thai home yielded to Bangkok women’s strong family orientation. Their strong religious faith has also been very instrumental in producing marriage-minded women in Bangkok.

    The family first ethos is very much inculcated in the minds of almost all women in Bangkok. This kind of mentality has made them loving wives and nurturing mothers.

The dating scene in Thailand may somehow be different especially if you are not familiar with their culture. However, as different as Thailand dating may seem, we can guarantee that it is worth trying. As the famous artist, Bob Marley, said, “If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy.”