7 Reasons to Date a Thai This National Lover’s Day

Dating someone who hails from a different culture can be a very interesting experience.

Some of these relationships don’t work out because of understandable differences in values and perspectives. There are some, however, that find it difficult to come to a compromise.

If you are the type who is open minded enough to embrace other cultures, you’ll probably find it easier to date a woman from another country, like a Thai woman.

Understanding a Thai woman is a lot simpler than most people think. For a deeper understanding, you can try to immerse yourself into Thai culture this coming National Lover’s Day.

thai girl
Why not date a Thai woman this National Lover’s Day?

National Lover’s Day is held on April 23 and is often celebrated by couples. This, however, doesn’t mean that single people aren’t allowed to celebrate this minor observance holiday.

As a matter of fact, most single people try to find themselves a date on this day. So why not give this day a shot? You might be able to find a good Thai partner along the way.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons why you should consider dating a Thai woman:

They’re very smiley

Smiling comes naturally to Thai people. It’s why Thailand is hailed as the “Land of Smiles.”

Almost everyone in the streets of Thailand smiles whenever they pass by people. To them, it’s a silent way of exchanging greetings.

If you were to approach a Thai girl, you’d surely be greeted with a smile. It’s considered polite to them.

But of course, they don’t always smile out of politeness. When they’re with someone they like, they have a very noticeable glint in their eyes and their smiles get a bit wider.

It’s easy to be around someone whose smiles are genuine. You easily feel comfortable in their presence, which is a great trait to have in a romantic partner.

They are Level-Headed

Thai people frown upon getting angry or being loud in public. Arguments or outbursts that occur in public often get judgmental stares from passersby.

Losing face is a huge deal in Thailand. To lose face is to basically lose your reputation.

Hence, Thai people are taught never to lose their calm, no matter how angry they are. Women are especially encouraged to follow this rule. After all, reputation means a lot more to Thai women than it does to men.

Thai women are a lot more sociable and are likely to have huge circles of friends. If word comes out that they had an episode, they would totally freak out.

This has resulted in them learning how to practice patience to an extraordinary level. Compared to men, they have higher tolerance towards conflict and are less prone to anger. It’s easier for them to make sound decisions, even when they are supposedly angry.

They are Well Mannered

Because losing face is taboo in Thailand, Thai people can be very uptight when it comes to etiquette and manners.

thai girl beside tree
How do you impress a Thai woman? Firstly, you have to take interest in her culture.

It’s a given that children are taught proper behavior at a young age. But for Thai children, it is even more strongly imposed. When they grow up, they become mature, well-mannered adults.

Thai women are the ones who benefit the most in this aspect. Because they are so well mannered, they easily earn the respect of others. But of course, this also earns them a few admirers here and there.

Then again, who wouldn’t fall for a woman who carries herself with elegance and grace?

They are Appreciative

Thai women are taught to appreciate every aspect of life.

From the food that they eat to their existence in this world, they count each and every blessing that they receive.

They carry this appreciative attitude throughout their lives. Whenever someone does them a favor, no matter how big or small, they never fail to show their appreciation.

Grateful women are quite high up on people’s list of “ideal women to date,” farangs included.

Farangs are what Thai people call foreigners. Back then, a Thai lady would be looked down on if they were to date a farang. But times have changed and with the progress that Thai society has made, dating a farang is no longer something that any Thai lady should be embarrassed about.

They Have Strong Family Values

Do you want to know how to impress a Thai woman? You treat her family well.

Thai women share the same strong family values as most Asians. They prioritize their family before anything else, even if it’s at the cost of losing other people in their lives.

Thai women see their family as an extension of themselves. To date them, you have to accept that their family comes along as a package deal.

Having close family ties would be a great trait to have in a potential partner.

They are Considerate

Have you ever heard of mai pen rai?

It’s a very common Thai phrase that generally means “I don’t mind.” Because Thai women are so well-mannered, they have been taught to always take this into consideration.

At times, this trait can easily be taken advantage of. Some people see this as an opportunity to treat these women like doormats.

Thai women are well aware of this issue, so they are very careful with the people they allow into their life. You’d be incredibly lucky if you are to get yourself a date with one on National Lover’s Day.

Because when a Thai woman loves you, she will see to it that you are well cared for and appreciated.

They Have a Strong Sense of Self

Many foreigners believe that Thai women are “yes-men” (or yes-women for that matter) who nod along even when they disagree.

This is completely false.

Thai women aren’t very outspoken when they disagree with someone. They would rather keep their opinions to themselves unless asked for it. Considering they value politesse dearly, it’s not out of the question for them to do this.

Thai women are not these submissive, meek women that most people paint them out to be. They have their own identities. They only choose to bring out their truest selves to the people that are deserving of their love and attention.

So why not give dating Thai women a shot? There’s no harm in going out on one date. At most, you’ll probably learn a lot about them.

So yourself a favor and take a Thai lady out this National Lover’s Day. Who knows, this might be the first of many that you’ll be celebrating in the future.