Foods to Try with Thai Women

A photo of a plate of fried rice served with chicken Know what food to enjoy when dating Thai women!

There are some people who are not into the idea of being alone for the rest of their lives. For most men, they want to alleviate their loneliness by dating Thai women. As a result, they turn to a Thailand dating site or app to find such ladies.

Now, most of these guys are met with success as they experience dating in Thailand. They start by connecting with a Thai woman online and find themselves thinking that maybe they should take a trip to the country to personally meet the woman with whom they have managed to make a connection.

Some of them start with figuring out how to impress a Thai woman, then they start looking for beautiful Thai singles to date. After all, it's only through experience where they can get a clue as to how the dating scene in Thailand works.

This may be hard to believe, but when it comes to dating and relationships, Thai culture isn't that difficult to understand or adapt to. There may be some dating staples and activities that are a little less conventional, but the goal is almost always the same. Some guys take their dates out to a sports event, like a football match or a Muay Thai event, while others simply go for the traditional dinner date at a nice and decent restaurant.

As such, one of the staples of dating in Thailand is sitting down and sharing a meal. Many couples go out to spend some quality time with each other, and their dates often include enjoying a meal — whether at home or in a restaurant.

The reason for this is simple; everyone loves to eat. As much as we love having our favorite food, meal, or snack, we also love to enjoy it in the company of someone we care about. We also get to try out their favorite food or snack, which also helps us get to know them more, and vice versa.

If you’re a Western man who wants to experience dating Thai women, you may find that Thai cuisine can be a little different than what your palate is used to. Almost everything is served with rice or noodles, so anyone who wants to have a taste of the food in Thailand should probably get ready to consume a considerable number of carbs.

  1. Thai Iced Tea
  2. In general, the food in Southeast Asia can be pretty spicy to the Western tongue. Spices like ginger and chili are used in fairly liberal amounts to make the food taste and smell better, which is why it is of absolute importance to have a cool drink with you when indulging in something that's a little bit too spicy for your taste.

    Water, soda, and alcoholic beverages are among the many options that tourists and visitors have to wash down their meals. But there are also some options that are a bit more local.

    When people think of tea, they usually think of England or China, but there are plenty of other countries that have their own tea cultures, some of which may or may not be influenced by neighboring regions.

    Thai iced tea is a pretty popular drink in Thailand. It's made of Ceylon tea that is sweetened with sugar and/or milk, and served cold. This beverage is pretty popular in many Thai restaurants around the world, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one in the country.

  3. Thai Fried Rice
  4. Rice is a staple food in Asia. Indeed, most dishes are served with rice or noodles, which makes for a lot of meals packed with carbohydrates. The fried rice in Thailand, however, is a little different than that of other parts of the region.

    Thai fried rice uses Jasmine rice, and it is mixed with Thai chili, fish sauce, and chopped garlic — also one of the staples of Thai cuisine.

  5. American Fried Rice
  6. For Westerners who are not feeling all that adventurous or are in need of easing themselves into the deep end of Thai food, there is the option of American fried rice.

    This dish is basically just regular Thai fried rice served with meat, like minced pork, chicken, or beef. Raisins, ketchup, pineapples, and croutons are also sometimes used.

  7. Pad Thai
  8. Other than rice, there is the famous pad thai, a dish that is based on rice noodles. Most of the food in Thailand is generally made with a lot of noodles. This is one of the country's most famous dishes, possibly the most famous one, and it is served in places that range from high-class restaurants to stalls in the streets, especially since it’s also a popular street food throughout the country.

    Being a good source of protein, this dish is usually mixed with beef, chicken, or tofu. Scrambled eggs and a variety of vegetables are also added. The whole thing is cooked in a wok, which aids in cooking everything evenly thanks to the heat distributions. Once it’s cooked, it’s doused in pad thai sauce, which gives it its full and satisfying flavor.

  9. Duck Rice
  10. Getting back to rice, Singapore is famous for its chicken rice. In fact, it’s the country's national dish. Thailand has something that’s unrelated to that dish, but is also kind of similar, and that dish is known as duck rice.

    As the name suggests, it is duck, roasted or braised, served with plain white rice and drizzled with sauce. Side dishes of vegetables or hard boiled eggs may also be served together with it.

  11. Pad See Ew
  12. Another noodle dish that’s popular in Thailand is pad see ew. It’s basically stir-fried noodles mixed with soy sauce, garlic, egg, tofu, and/or a choice of pork or chicken.

  13. Some Western Fare
  14. Of course, if the local cuisine is a little too exotic for your taste, there are always other options that might give you a taste of home. There is a wide variety of Western restaurants all over Thailand, be it in malls or hotels. This means that anyone who wants to eat food that’s more familiar to them will have their options.

  15. O-oe
  16. Thailand has some good desserts as well, and one of these desserts is called O-oe. It's practically shaved ice topped with red beans, syrup, palm seeds, and grass jelly. It is particularly popular in Phuket.

    You might agree that food is kind of a necessity. Generally speaking, people need to consume food in order to survive. However, it is not strictly a utility. With that being said, food can be an indulgence. Enjoying a good meal on a date with Thai women can definitely increase your chances of having a positive experience as you immerse yourself in their unique culture.