Exploring Thai Food | 5 Must-Try Underrated Thai Dishes

A flat lay photo of a bowl of Thai shrimp soup along with lime, chili, and chopsticks on the side. Tired of the usual Thai food? Try these 5 exotic Thai dishes that will surely give your palate a unique gastronomic experience.

There’s more to Thai food than Pad Thai and Tom Yum. Like most Asian cuisines, Thai dishes are distinctly rich in spices. Thailand’s food also has ties with Chinese and Indian cuisines. It’s no wonder why they have such a wide variety of dishes.

Your trip to Thailand will never be complete without indulging in some exotic Thai dishes. But to give your gastronomic adventure a unique twist, we highly recommend that you go against the tide and try the dishes that often go under the radar.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some underrated Thai dishes you shouldn’t miss out on while in the Land of Smiles:

  • Sour Curry
  • Thailand culture is heavily influenced by its neighbor to the west, India. This probably explains why Thai cuisine has a lot of curry dishes. A lot of them are coconut milk based but their Gaeng Som (or sour curry) is one of the few that is water-based.

    This is a common staple in the southern part of the country and is usually served in metal hotpots. Its tartness is caused by the tamarind juice, which is one of the base ingredients for the stock. You would certainly get a kick out of this dish.

  • Larb Moo
  • Have you ever heard of a meat salad before? If so, then have a taste of Larb Moo. It’s got a lot of spices usually associated with Thai cuisine, such as onions, cilantro, coriander, and chili flakes.

    The minced pork is lightly sauteed with water until cooked. But the most unique feature would have to be the toasted glutinous rice that is then ground to a sand-like consistency. You toss all these ingredients together to make Larb moo. This will probably be the heartiest salad you’ll ever have.

  • Spice Pork Spine Soup
  • Thai food recipes also have their fair share of soups and stews. The Leng Saap is probably known for being one of the most exotic.

    As its name suggests, the pork spine (along with some tender pork meat) is the star ingredient of this dish and it is arranged meticulously in a large bowl. Completing the soup are choice seasonings of lime juice and coriander.

    Before you take a sip out of this, make sure to take a picture and marvel at how exotic it is.

  • Thai Wanton Mee
  • According to Thai food history, Thai food originated from Southern Chinese people that emigrated to the country. It is no surprise then that they would have their own version of a wonton dish. The main difference would have to be the sauce and the texture of the noodles.

    Chinese wontons are usually wet whereas this wonton is quite dry. And the sauce is made from pork lard oil which contrasts with the dryness of the noodles. Regardless of how different it is, there’s no doubt that it tastes pretty good.

  • Raw Prawn Salad
  • If Latin cuisine has ceviche, then the Thai equivalent would have to be Raw Prawn Salad (or Goong Chae Nam Pla). The ingredients are pretty simple: Raw shrimp, lime-flavored fish sauce, shredded cabbage, bitter gourd, garlic, and chili. This is certainly a different way of eating shrimp.

While they aren’t as popular as Pad Thai and Tom Yum, this list of lesser-known Thai food is equally mouthwatering. However, great food can be even more enjoyable if you have hot Thai women to share it with.

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