Exploring Thai Food | 5 Must-Try Underrated Thai Dishes

A flat lay photo of a bowl of Thai shrimp soup along with lime, chili, and chopsticks on the side. Tired of the usual Thai food? Try these 5 exotic Thai dishes that will surely give your palate a unique gastronomic experience.

There’s more to Thai food than Pad Thai and Tom Yum. Like most Asian cuisines, Thai dishes are distinctly rich in spices. Thailand’s food also has ties with Chinese and Indian cuisines. It’s no wonder why they have such a wide variety of dishes.

Your trip to Thailand will never be complete without indulging in some exotic Thai dishes. But to give your gastronomic adventure a unique twist, we highly recommend that you go against the tide and try the dishes that often go under the radar.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some underrated Thai dishes you shouldn’t miss out on while in the Land of Smiles:

While they aren’t as popular as Pad Thai and Tom Yum, this list of lesser-known Thai food is equally mouthwatering. However, great food can be even more enjoyable if you have hot Thai women to share it with.

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