What To Know About the Culture of Thailand

Dancers performing Thailand traditional dance. Discover the colorful and interesting side of Thailand by learning a few things

Thailand, known as the “Land of a Thousand Smiles” will allure you with its vibrance and beauty. From its dazzling temples to lush scenery, and, of course, amazing food, it is indeed a wonderful place to relax, unwind and still have tons of fun in! Recreation and adventure are two things you can find within the borders of this kingdom. You will never be disappointed at how much it has to offer in terms of places to see and activities to do.

Aside from the scenery, beaches, temples, and the vibrant nightlife, the Kingdom of Thailand draws tourists’ attention due to its rich and colorful culture. Thailand culture is mainly anchored on Buddhist principles. With about 95% of the country being Theraveda Buddhist, it isn’t surprising if religious influence has played a big role in the Thai culture and tradition that the world has come to know and love.

It would almost be a mortal sin if you visit Thailand without a proper culturally immersive experience. Thailand culture and society continue to practice quite a few unique beliefs and customs that have been around throughout the storied history of Thailand. Experiencing their culture and traditions first hand will certainly leave you with a much broader perspective.

So if you’re visiting “the Land of a thousand smiles” for the first time, here are a few things you should know about their culture:

  • Watch the Head
  • Thai culture considers the head as the most sacred part of the human body, hence it is imperative not to touch them in anyway possible because it is considered rude. Not unless you have established an irrefutable bond with a Thai person, you are not allowed to touch their head.

  • Smile More and Smile Often
  • Thailand didn’t get its appelation “the land of a thousand smiles” from nothing. May it be strolling in a park or just simply walking down the streets, people will always greet you with a smile. You will find more smiles from this country than just about anywhere else.

    This is because Thai people are peace-loving individuals who desire harmony over conflict. They believe that a smile creates a positive vibe in a person and the people around them. So make it a life ethos to smile more and smile often. You’d be surprised at how far a smile can take you during your Thailand travel.

  • Keep your Cool
  • In Thailand, people always carry themselves in a very calm demeanor. Thailand people even consider it very disrespectful if someone is talking loudly or arguing especially in public places.

    To them, it is as if you don’t have self-control, a trait that Thai people give high regard to. Thai culture puts emphasis on the value and importance of respect, self-control, and a non-confrontational attitude.

  • No Pointing using The Fingers or Feet
  • In Thai culture, different body parts have their own corresponding symbolism and significance. An example for this are the feet and the head which are considered as the dirtiest and most sacred part of the body, respectively.

    Pointing your feet at another person or sacred item is considered very disrespectful. As such, pointing anything using your index finger can also be a sign of disrespect. It is better to use your entire hand or slightly lift your chin in the direction you’re pointing in.

  • Keep “Conservative” in Mind
  • If there’s one thing that most Asian countries have in common, it is the conservative and modest nature of their cultures. Although Thai culture has continued to evolve with modern and liberal influences, the country still adheres to its traditions and customs.

    When getting around Thailand, you must bear in mind that it is still a conservative country where public displays of affection are frowned upon as well as wearing overly revealing clothes especially when visiting their sacred temples.

With all the wonderful things Thailand has to offer, you’ll most likely fall in love with its culture first. It is a product of diversity of influence and religious values with a touch of modern and liberal principles. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience a unique and interesting culture. Book a flight to Thailand now and experience it for yourself.