Foreign men attending singles tours have various reasons for using this method of solo travel to experience Bangkok, but with one common goal: to find that special Thai woman. Men often meet Thai women they have been in contact with via Asian dating apps, other guys want to find one special Thai girl during speed dating events. Regardless of how you wish to date Asian women in Thailand, embarking on solo travel to Bangkok via matchmaking agencies will usually better guaranty a match than simply swiping profiles via Thai dating apps.

Varied motivations for solo travel to Bangkok and meeting gorgeous Thai women rarely have bearing on a man’s success in finding his future bride. However, matchmakers do believe that there can be a way for men to optimize and improve their singles tour experience.

Men can dream of romantic connections, but there may not be much success when settling on one woman only. Matchmakers encourage foreign guys to guaranty a match by dating multiple Thai girls early on and test connections until he finds the one who truly complements well with him.

By doing so, men are able to have a clearer view of which Asian woman stands out as WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) relationship material. Foreigners also get to learn more about Thai culture, Thai women, and even themselves in terms of what kind of woman they can connect better with, and what they may be willing to compromise on when they find great chemistry with an Asian lady beyond their expectations.