The Perks of Dating Bangkok Ladies: What Men Need to Know

Wondering what it’s like to date Bangkok ladies?

Our international matchmakers John and Joe advise what to expect when dating in Bangkok, Thailand and joining our Solo and Group Tours.

First off, what are Thai women really looking for?

They don’t seem to mind the looks as men would be inclined to do. Does that mean they’re all about the money?

“Of course, women are looking for security,” Joe explains. “But they’re also looking for communication, affection.”

Understandably, Bangkok ladies look for these qualities in a man if they want to have a serious long-term relationship. On the other hand, men are attracted to qualities different from that.

“Of course, we men are more visual creatures,” Joe adds. “We go on what we see more than emotions.”

Men and women tend to misunderstand each other because of these differences. Recognizing where each one is coming from and capitalizing on complementarity will go a long way in your Bangkok dating experience.

Another particularity foreign men would appreciate in Thai women is their charming old-fashioned ways.

“I love their femininity. They still have those family traditional values,” Joe remarks on Thai women’s traits, with which he is familiar as a matchmaker for Thailand.

Unlike their Western counterparts, women in Thailand are still firmly rooted in their Asian values that have a high regard for graciousness, respect, and modesty. In marriage, women are also expected to honor their husbands.

“They want to take care of their man,” Joe says, referring to Thai women’s nurturing character. “They want to do all these things that we men want.”

This is what men love about women after all: their sweetness and tenderness, which you’ll find in a Thai woman.

Dating in Thailand can have its surprises. Get to know Bangkok ladies and their culture to help you navigate your romantic adventure.
Dating in Thailand can have its surprises. Get to know Bangkok ladies and their culture to help you navigate your romantic adventure.

However, their traditions can also tend to be conservative in varying degrees.

“They like physical touch guys. They do,” Joe certifies, nevertheless with reservations.

“But I don’t want to hear any guy coming up to me after the first date [saying], “Well, I tried to kiss her. She won’t let me kiss her.”

You may meet her at a Bangkok nightlife for singles but that doesn’t mean anything sure about her preferences on intimacy.

“I’m sure you’ve been on a lot of dates in America and they’ve done the same thing,” he argues. “Not everyone’s going to kiss you on the first date.”

John clarifies, “It isn’t really a culture thing. It’s a woman thing. It just depends on their comfort level, how they are.”

“It might take two or three days. [Or] she might never want to kiss you. It just really depends,” he reiterates. “These are real people. Everyone’s a little different.”

Finally, on the question of moving to another country, here are Joe’s thoughts about what Bangkok ladies would often say.

“As far as the women go, I haven’t run into too many women that actually said they don’t want to move out of their country but it’s not their first option,” he shares. “I’ve spoken to many women who would rather [have] me move over there.”

There are also other factors to consider if you decide to bring them to your country.

“There are logistics you need to watch out for. If they have a child, the father has to sign off, things like that,” Joe mentions.

But at the end of the day, if it’s for the man of their dreams, moving out will not be a problem for Bangkok ladies.

“Even [for] the ones who might say ‘I’m not too keen on moving out of the country.’ They meet Mr. Right, they meet the guys who’ll knock their socks off, they’ll move to Mars,” John assures. “They will. And I see that. I see that all the time.”

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